Important: Most Android device can not install APK file directly, so you need to enable firstly. After you follow these steps, any software you choose to install can run on your Android device successfully.

For Android 8 and above

- On non-Samsung devices:

  1. Go to your phone’s Settings.

  2. Go to Security & privacy > More settings.

  3. Tap on Install apps from external sources.

  4. Select the browser (e.g., Chrome or Firefox) you want to download the APK files from.

5. Toggle Allow app installs ON.

- On Samsung devices:

  1. Navigate to Install unknown apps : Navigate to Settings. Search for and select Install unknown apps. Then, tap Install unknown apps.

  2. Allow permission

  • Tap the source that you want to allow app installations from.

  • Tap the switch next to Allow from this source to give permission.

For versions earlier than Android 8

  1. Go to your phone’s Settings.

  2. Tap Security.

  3. Under Device administration, toggle Unknown sources ON.

All Set. Download My Mesh app for Android (APK file)

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