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Is it normal that my Meshforce feels warm?
Is it normal that my Meshforce feels warm?
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Like any other electronic devices, the Meshforce radiates heat during operation, it is expected that your Meshforce gets warm or maybe a little hot after running for a while depending on the environment.

A cool and well ventilated environment is ideal for the Meshforce, please:

1, Put your Meshforce in the open, do not cover your Meshforce with any objects, avoid placing your Meshforce in a closed space, don’t let it suffocate.

2, Avoid placing the Meshforce on top of any running electronic devices. Putting two electronic devices together would greatly increase the surrounding temperature, which is bad for the Meshforce and the device beneath it.

3, Keep your Meshforce away from direct heat or excessive sunlight.

4, Use the correct power adapter that came with the Meshforce.

If you are uncertain that your Meshforce is operating at a normal temperature, or you worry your Meshforce is getting too warm, you can always compare the temperature of your Meshforces to one another. While slight difference is expected as they operate in different environment, significant differences are not common, if you notice anything out of the ordinary please contact our support team for further assistance.

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