This article is related to all MeshForce products. (M1, M3 / M3 Dot, M3s and M7)

As we all known, 1Mbps=1024Kbps= 1024/8Kbps=128KB/s.

The download and upload speeds are shown on the app homepage are real-time speed. Our app only shows one digit after the decimal point while the unit is Mbps. It means that if the app in your smartphone is not transmitting large network data and the download and upload speeds are lower than 12.8KB/s, and then it is not available for you to get the speed on the homepage because the speed is too low to be shown on the homepage. But, it doesn't mean that the download and upload speeds are zero.                
However, when downloading something, you can see the speed, just like the following picture.

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