This article is related to all MeshForce products. (M1, M3 and M3 Dot, M3s, M7)

In a certain network environment, users may need to configure a particular DNS address for his/her network. This article aims to guide you to change the DNS server settings on your Meshforce system.

Before configuration:

1. Have the latest “My mesh” app installed on your Mobile Phone.

2. Make sure the mobile phone is connected to Meshforce's Wi-Fi network.

3. Close the “My mesh” App if it is already running in the background.

4. Re-launch the “My mesh” App.

Please note: Only when your mobile phone is connected to Meshforce's Wi-Fi network, you can change its DNS settings through the “My mesh” app. Force “My mesh” app to close in the background and re-launch it again aims to clear the app cache.

Change the DNS server settings

Step 1: Tap “Settings” on the bottom below, then click on “DNS”.

Step 2: It is initially set to be automatically obtaining DNS. You can switch to “Manual”, and type in your preferred DNS server settings.

Step 3: Click “Save” and the new DNS settings will take effect automatically.

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