This article is related to all MeshForce products. (M1, M3 / M3 Dot and M3s)

Before starting to diagnose your issue, please make sure you have an valid Internet service.

Click here to view the full setup video. (For model M1)

Please make below self-check:

  1. Is this problem common for all devices: Try both mobile phone and PC, if any specific device does not have Internet access, please check the device settings. If all of them doesn't have, there might be something wrong with mesh system.
  2. Have you setup the mesh system in My Mesh app: If you have successfully setup the system in the app, they should appear green in the app. Remember to connect the modem to main mesh point's WAN port.
  3. Is your mode selection correct: If you have an username&password combination from your ISP, usually they should be configured in the modem. For most users they should use dynamic IP (DHCP) mode on mesh system. If you connect the mesh system to a router, not a modem or modem router, use bridge mode.
  4. Your DNS: Very few users may experience a bad DNS service from their service provider. Try to change DNS settings in the app to popular public DNS, for example Google DNS and 
  5. Disable proxy / VPN: If you enabled proxy settings on PC, that may cause your Internet become not accessible, disable it in Internet explorer.
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