This article is related to all MeshForce products. (M1, M3 and M3 Dot, M3s, M7)

If you are still experiencing slow Internet after the mesh system is set up, read this article and it may help:

There could be many reasons which could affect your actual video or music experience including WiFi device, network provider (ISP), service (YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, and so on..):

Let's improve the connection step by step:

  1. Check your mesh: Check if your mesh points LED indicator are all solid green, they should be all online. If not, change the placement or check their connection status.

  2. Check your mobile device: Forget the mobile device WiFi connection with the mesh system, reboot the mesh points, and connect again.

  3. Check your Internet: See if other services are experiencing the same, like YouTube, Netflix, and other web browsing. If only one specific service experiences buffering, we suggest you try again at another time. Or check with the video/music provider.

  4. Improve your DNS service: Check with your service provider which DNS works best and set it in the app. Also, you may try to set some popular DNS settings, these could improve the network as well. (for example, google's: and

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