This article is related to all MeshForce products. (M1, M3/M3 Dot, M3s, and M7)

For advanced users, if there are multiple LAN zones in the network, they may need to change the mesh system's LAN IP address. Here is how:

  1. Go to "Settings" in the My Mesh app.

  2. Go to "DHCP Server"

  3. Choose a LAN IP zone that has no conflict with your other devices.

For example, if you have another access point in the network and its LAN IP is 192.168.10.x, then you need to avoid to use 192.168.10.x for the mesh system. This is for advanced network deployments and we suggest you consult your network administrator before change this setting.

Once you decide on a LAN IP for the mesh system, all the devices which join mesh WiFi will be assigned an IP automatically. For example, the mesh system LAN IP is, when a smartphone joins WiFi, it will be assigned to, and the next devices ...10.3, ...10.4 and so on.

You can only change the LAN IP of the mesh system, but not for a specific device. Their IPs are assigned automatically.

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